BizZAttude SYSPRO Avanti

I recently started doing testing on Avanti for a customer as a solution who has Reps and needs to do quoting while visiting their customers.

Because this module is Web Based, it made sense to leverage off this solution using Quotations instead of designing an application. 

I must say I miss not having information firsthand when a new module is released anymore.  It has taken me a lot of time to establish, which document holds the correct information I required to get going with the installation and general customization of the screens.  I was fortunate enough for SYSPRO Africa Customer Support to help install the module and with a lot of tickets logged including some on-line investigation sessions with the Partner Call Desk and Head Office Call Desk I was able to establish what was troubling. 

The Learning Channel has a lot of information on the topic but sometimes the grouping of the information is not easy to work through in order to find what you are looking for.  I believe in self-help, so I battled through all the documents until I eventually felt it necessary to rather log a ticket. 

SYSPRO Avanti, reminds me of a kitchen I once designed with the colours all bright and welcoming that when I went into my kitchen each day it would make me smile.  I find the screens refreshing and easy to work with once you know how to customize them.  The clutter has been taken away and your eyes do not have to roam all over the place to find the field you require.  Nice Job!

I encountered a number of errors while doing my walk through with the Quotations module, which I am sure that SYSPRO Development will resolve.  If you are going to start using Avanti, I suggest you test sufficiently to make sure that the keystrokes and screens meet your business process before you go live with it. 

Overall, I am going to enjoy Avanti, it is new and fresh and makes me smile!

You can learn more about it here, but I suggest you install it and have a go….

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